Creme, rue de rollebeek. Sablon

Crème is located in the center of Brussels, in a small pedestrian street near the Sablon: Rue de Rollebeek. Crème is the place where you meet with friends for brunch or lunch (all day). Based on the Australian food life style, Crème is serving all day pancakes and toasts. A coffee to go? or a brunch with friends, we’ve got you covered!

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Brunch dealer in Brussels since 2008

Brunch dealer in Brussels since 2008, we offer a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

The menu features a variety of dishes designed to cater to diverse tastes, inspired by the Australian food lifestyle. From light, fluffy pancakes drenched in maple syrup to savory avocado toasts adorned with perfectly poached eggs, each dish is meticulously prepared using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Our all-day serving of pancakes and toasts ensures that brunch enthusiasts can enjoy their favorites at any time.

We pay attention to details, each dish is meticulously prepared using fresh, high-quality ingredients according to the seasons.

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speciality coffee

Crème partners with local roasters who source premium beans from around the world, ensuring that each batch meets stringent standards of excellence.

Crème’s baristas are trained in the art of specialty coffee brewing. Come and try our flat white, latte, matcha latte and so many more. 

In house or to go, coffee is always the right way to start your day!

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Booking for up to 8 people and more only:
contact us [email protected]